Photo By Tom Wilson

Cynthia has traveled the world to fly in both near and far off exotic lands, Let her guide you on an amazing flying adventure vacation!

From site introductions to flying advice, Cyn will introduce you to new flying sites and join you in the air and on radio. With local knowledge and weather forecasting she will guide you to the most favorable flying site in the area.

... And her guiding is not restricted to just paragliding, having traveled for most her adult life, she is an expert in experiencing the must try local foods and cultural actives. From dinner in a lakeside Italian castle in Europe to snorkeling in the warm waters of Hawaii, the adventures are endless. We also climb, rappel, ski, speed fly, speed fly, and much more, we like to make the most of what ever area we are visiting or living in.


Trips available to:

North America --- Washington // Utah // Moab // Salt Lake City // California // Tahoe // San Francisco // Monterey // Nevada // Vancouver

International -- Switzerland // Italy // France // Columbia // Costa Rica // Brazil // Nepal


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Photography and videos courtesy of Cynthia Currie.