Novice Pilot Training Program $1750

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Have you always dreamed of flight? Maybe you tried a tandem while on vacation and wondered what it would take to be come a certified paraglider pilot. Or you have been watching us fly around above you on the dunes of Monterey and this has ignited the passion inside you for flight... What ever the reason, come join us! Paragliding is a sport and recreation enjoyed my many world wide, and becoming a pilot is easier than you may imagine. Like anything it takes determination and drive, and the decision to become a certified paraglider pilot is the first step!

Our program follows the national standard of paragliding instruction and introduction to flight. In the effort to produce competent, confident, and safe pilots we offer a full P1/P2 course which covers glider ground handling (kiting), ridge soaring, flight maneuvers, aerodynamics, meteorology, emergency procedures, reserve deployment, and the basics of thermal flying. We focus on building your confidence and skills by using ground handling (kiting) to familiarize you with the aerodynamics and flight characteristics of the paraglider. We start you off by fully going over the glider and gear and then moving to forward inflations, followed by some short flights to the landing zone. By launching, having a short flight, and safely landing you will get the feel for flight and then we slowly start adding skills and furthering your abilities over time.

The length of the P2 course is variable and catered to your learning style and speed. Generally it takes about 10 days to two weeks to complete the skills, ground school, and flights required. The P2 course cost includes unlimited lesson days, it is a one payment cost to get you to your certification. We recommend that you start with a few day classes before committing to the entire program. This will get you started and put a taste in your mouth for flight and how our lessons go. The payment of any day classes you participate in will be credited towards the cost of the P2 course.

Upon completion of the P2 course you will be considered a novice pilot and no longer need to be under the direct supervision of an instructor at sites that are rated at P2 level. It is recommended you start working towards your P3 (Intermediate pilot) which is simply an accumulation skills and hours. A P3 is required to fly at all launch sites in Marina State Park.


Raven Wolf Sky Sports provides all the equipment you need to learn how to paraglide during your P1/P2 training program. During the course of your training we will talk about the different styles and certifications of paragliders to help you make an educated decision on the best glider and harness combination. The school has a wide variety of demo gliders and harnesses. Raven Wolf Sky Sports will help you select a gear package that works best for your flying style, needs, and skill level.

Cancellations and refunds...

Raven Wolf Sky Sports will not refund a student who terminates the course after 5 lesson days. Before 5 lesson days are completed, should you decide paragliding is not for you, we will prorate the remainder of the course.  Raven Wolf Sky Sports reserves the right to modify, change, or delete any aspect of the training programs or fees at any time.

Please note: The minimum age for a student is 16 years old.